Tar and Chip Driveways High Wycombe

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Are you looking for an affordable option for replacing your old driveway or private laneway? One of the most affordable options to choose from is our highly rated surface dressing surface, where we apply a hot tar and chip finish to the surface.

As expert installers of tar and chip driveways in High Wycombe, we provide not only a wide range of chip finishes but extra options including drainage, kerbing and edging for the finished driveway.

Another solution often confused with tar and chip resurfacing is resin bond, which is applied similarly to a hard standing surface. The biggest difference is with resin bond, a resin adhesive is used whilst surface dressing uses a hot bitumen tar for bonding instead. Even though it has a chip finish, it is not to be confused with resin-bound driveways that are far superior and permeable.

Undoubtedly, the most affordable option for anyone wanting to clean up around the driveway without spending a large amount of money. The next best option for surface dressing is a gravel driveway, but gravel cannot resurface an existing hard surface.

We Lay Surface Dressing in High Wycombe

Hot tar, bitumen and chipping in High Wycombe is a great option when you want to save on the cost of installing a completely new tarmac driveway but still making sure it looks good and will deliver a long lifespan.

It is done by spraying hot bitumen tar onto the surface and applying a chip to it. This chip is then rolled into the hot tar, so it gets embedded in the finished surface.

You can see more examples of tar and chip driveways in our gallery.

If you are interested in a free estimate for a tar and chip driveway in High Wycombe, call JSM Drives and Patios on 01494 919016 to book your appointment today.