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As local patio contractors for High Wycombe, our patio builders have over 30 years experience at building new garden and patio areas. With patio choices ranging from standard concrete slabbing and garden paving to more bespoke options like sandstone, granite and porcelain tiled patios.

With using patio paving or slabbing in High Wycombe, you have a large variety of choices to create a custom and bespoke patio area. We can go through the options with you during our free quote helping to provide options and different design choices, simply call Steve on 01494 919016 to schedule a free estimate from one our patio designers.

Our patio builders provide a range of choices including:

  • Patio Replacements
  • Patio Paving
  • New Patios High Wycombe
  • Slabbed Patios
  • Slabbed Pathways

You can have block paving laid on your patio or garden area as well which can be a great money saver especially on larger areas. It is suitable for all types of garden areas including garden pathways and more.

Patio slabbing is generally modeled between matching standard slabs (400mm x 400mm) which is laid uniformly throughout the patio or you can opt for the styles that are laid using 3 to 4 different sizes which is commonly used as imitation sandstone which creates a very similar overall effect as natural stone. Our patio fitters provide other solutions outside of patios that include block paving in High Wycombe and more, learn more on our High Wycombe services page.

For a more custom styled patio, we recommend natural stone which you can learn about viewing our sandstone and porcelain installation services for High Wycombe or by calling JSM on 01494 919016.

When you want to replace your old patio in High Wycombe, you can trust the patio contractors at JSM to build you a new patio at price you can afford.