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Gravel Driveways in High Wycombe
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Gravel Driveway Installations in High Wycombe

When you want an affordable option for a new driveway, we provide an excellent service for laying gravel driveways in High Wycombe. Wide range of colours, permeable and traditional styled options to choose from.

They are a low cost alternative to some of the more expensive solutions like driveway paving in High Wycombe.

With the many different sizes and colours, it gives you the control over what you want your driveway to look and feel like. They are also very durable and create fantastic traction in all types of weather conditions.

Gravel driveways simply need to be raked to level it as stones will spread through regular use of the driveway or patio.

We can create a huge variety of styles in order to give any gravel driveway a unique feel to it. Gravel is a natural aggregate, it wears naturally and is Eco friendly. It will fit naturally without looking out of place.

You can combine gravel with another product like paving, concrete and even tarmac to provide variation in your gravel driveway.

Decorative stone (shingle) is a smaller version of gravel which is generally used on patio areas, pathways or for low maintenance garden areas. For areas where vehicles will be crossing, we always recommend a larger gravel stone instead.

It makes a great option for people who want very little or no maintenance in their garden. By simply removing all the top layer of grass, put down permeable weed block and have the decorative stone laid on top, you have a garden area which can still grow flowers and trees but will require no weeding or lawn cutting.

You can see more examples of gravel driveways in our gallery.

Call Steve and his his team at JSM Drives and Patios on 01494 919016 to learn more about gravel driveways in High Wycombe and why you should choose our specialists to install it for you.